High Observer Torm

The present Observer and supreme authority in Elturel


“Do you know what it means to Observe? I’ve a kingdom to see and only the two eyes to my name. Therefore I enlist the eyes of others. With my quill, I aim them. With ink I focus them. With a word I will gladly close them forever.”

Torm sits straight in a simple, carved chair behind a roughly hewn desk. He is adorned in a common cloak of rich blue, a golden sun blazing on its breast. beneath the cloak is a tightly fitted black leather vest, a simple belt made of golden links which loop across themselves and hang down at his waist, and simple black breeches. He is a man of many years. His stature betrays none of them. Though age has left many of his features beaten and harsh, his shoulders are ever held back with dignity, his eyes are narrow and shrewd, and his lips are pursed in perpetual annoyance. A thin covering of shock-white stubble adorns his face. A short cropping of white hair is pressed against the top of his head. Behind the older man, the simple chair, and the simple table, the solarium is ringed entirely in bookshelves which tower up into the eaves and are filled with books of every size, color, and level of wear. There are no windows in the solarium, no doors, no torches. The only light comes from a small opening at the peak of the ceiling which reveals the light of the second sun itself, nestled just beyond its gaze. The beam of light produced by this window is warm despite its severity and falls in a halo about the table. The rest of the room is dim by comparison.


Nothing as of yet has been discovered pertaining to Torm’s past.

The group recently encountered Torm after being taken to the Tower of the High Observer. Their meeting was somewhat rushed by the attempted murder of the inkeep at Hondakar’s House which just so happened to hold seven sleeping heroes of considerable strength. The murder was dealt with, however at the insistance of those Paladins on site the group was rushed away.

After reaching the peak of the tower through a magical portal (controlled by flames whispered into a glaived hand) the party quickly explained their motivations and the actions taken by King Deermont. Torm, however, would not allow the army from Waterdeep to march on Scornubel until his own host was somewhat restored. Much of his army was occupied in dealing with the beasts and monsters which had begun to flee from the Reaching Woods to the east. Therefore he sent the party to discover the reason for the sudden exodus. A task which he had previously assigned to his own agents, and which his own agents had failed enormously to accomplish.

The party was informed of rings which his agents carried. When worn and turned in to the palm, they allowed his agents to communicate.

High Observer Torm

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