Iustinian Basillieus Quintilus

Human Bard (Skald) of the Sword Coast


“We’ve scant time in this world, but the wonders are to never cease. Come, drink, dine and sing. But lift that blade, and you’ll know less time to endear this world unto yourself.”

Basil, Captain of the late Maiden’s Whisper, is a Harper Agent based in Waterdeep. While his primary motivations as a good natured but rogueish showman may place him and his in trouble from time to time, there are few situations he can’t weasel is way out of.

Quick of tongue, wit and blade, Basil uses the tricks of his trade to support his companions in battle. While not born of the North, he has taken it upon himself to travel far and wide in his years, and no place holds his admiration more than the people of the Sword Coast. Dungeons deep, Island nations of ancient blood, selfish City-States and forests and fjords that speak to years uncounted. Schooled in the Bard Colleges of the Sword Coast, Skalds are not just poets and song weavers, they are combatants. For no greater valors could be sung than those during battle, uplifting allies with storied adventures and melodic retellings of the rich fabric and tapestry of their own people’s history.

Human Bard (Skald); Unaligned. 30 Seasons, 6’ tall, 200 lbs.
Notable equipment:
Cloaked Longsword +3
Chainmail of Cleansing +3
Cloak of Resistance +3
Amulet of Seduction


Iustinian Basillieus Quintilus was born in Athkatla, the commercial capital of Amn’s Sword Coast. A city-state run in a similar but darker fashion than Waterdeep, Basil had been sired by nobility, the owners of a large mercantile slave empire, with trade ports crossing political borders in the pursuit of coin. Eternal bondage and lack of freedom were the callings of the family trade, and when Basil was old enough to truly understand his bloodline’s history, he fled.

While sent off to learn the ways of the sea and season a little out on Moonshae, the vessel ran aground. Instead of making his way home, Basil saw this as the opportunity he needed to escape his family’s heritage. Excising his surname and nomen gentilicium, Basil began to find opportunities for song and odd jobs through the Moonshae Isles. Whilst no more than 12 seasons, he had always had a propensity for reading through his family’s large collection of historic literature, for, as any proud member of the Athkatlan hierarchy, they retained and held on to much.

By the age of 16, Basil had already managed to win more and more through gambling, eventually coming into possession of a small fishing vessel. The men of Alaron are easy to convince to be put to sea when loot is to be had. And so, the next chapter began for Basil – Privateering.

If a ship bore an Athkatlan crest, Captain Basil and his crew found what means they could to bring it down, delay it, or all together steal it. This is how he and his own came upon their greatest catch, the infamous Maiden’s Whisper.

With a boat, a crew, and a powerful wanderlust, Basil then took his crew up and down the Sword Coast, at sometimes leaving his crew for a short period to make his way inland and gather more stories, lore, and visit the odd Bard College.

It is through these collegiate pursuits he eventually fell in with the Harpers, and through the years worked his way in to their confidence and became a useful agent. It was under the Harpers’ orders that Basil entreated the good merchant prince Fallorn Kromar to give him the assignment of taking the future Hokuten across the Sea of Swords and to the Kingdom of Alaron. And the rest is more recent history.

Iustinian Basillieus Quintilus

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