King Diermond (Formerly Prince Diermond)

The newly established Monarch of Waterdeep


“You, I, we are not simpletons. However, the simple people must have their simple stories. Best not confuse them with too many names.”

Diermond is a young man however he is not to be taken lightly. His face is often soft and apologetic, his smile easy and warm. He does not wield his authority to its full potential but he is quickly learning. He will gladly use his presence to guide a conversation should the need for guidance arise. Blonde hair falls across his face in golden waves, icy blue eyes peer out from a pale face. Whatever thoughts he may harbor, they are well hidden behind the mask of royalty.


King Diermond, then Prince Diermond of the Moonshae Isles, has a long history with the famed Hokuten. On the Moonshae Isles they helped him to quell the open beastmen rebellions, within Waterdeep they dismantled the ruling powers within Scarmere Tower, without the walls they crushed the arrogant General Avitus, securing the city. Paving the path for the return of the old crown. Long has the name of Deermont steered the group. Not any longer.

When the group brought to Diermond the rumors of disappearing heroes as well as reports of the assaults perpetrated by those wearing Apple and Ivy marks his reaction was one of skepticism, requiring a day to consult with his Master of Pages. After doing so, however, Diermond heard well the concerns of his former champions and granted them an army of his own supply. They were to ride to the kingdom of Elturel, specifically Scornubel, and find the origins of these strange attacks. He also supplied them with much valuable information before sending them on their way. Once again the party was conscripted into the service of the King. This time of their own volition.

It was noted by the group, however, that the stories of their exploits (while celebrated) had been changed. Altered so that it was Diermond who vanquished the army of devil-worshippers, struck down the evil from Scarmere tower… It seems that Diermond is more suited to the throne than most would have thought… already he piles glory about his name which he pulls in from others.

King Diermond (Formerly Prince Diermond)

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