Marion Falthrough

A high ranking General in the army of King Deermont


Curt, crisp, and cutting. Marion Falthrough does not deal in delusion, she does not mince words, she will tell you precisely the core meaning of her intent within moments of your meeting. Damned if you understand it. Should the words come too swift then she will bid you keep up. Her hair is knotted in a tight braid which traces her brow. Her features are so sharp you’re like to slice yourself open should your gaze become careless. Her armor is well-worn, scuffed and bent, yet gleams with the evidence of countless hours spent maintaining the metal. Each slanted binding shines in the sunlight.


Nothing has been discovered of Marion just yet.

She served to deliver a message of caution to the group; “Watch yourselves. You are representatives of the Crown. Act like it.”

She will be heading the army from Waterdeep as they head south to the realm of Elturgard. The Hokuten presently rides a day or two in front of them, serving as the forward party for the crown. Emissaries. Diplomats. It has gone…swimmingly.

Recently the party has heard rumor of delay in the army. Something of the reappearance of Tyrel in Daggerford. They heard as much from the High Observer Torm who dismissed it as superstition and was joined in incredulity by Percival. What truth lies in these rumors remain to be seen.

Marion Falthrough

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