Piarro Kilkarren

The apparent figurehead of the elusive Evergrown Alliance


“I thought you might…”

Piarro is a man of somewhat humble stature. When first encountered, Piarro wore a simple red leather vest and voluminous white undershirt. At his breast he wore a broach wrought of fine copper in the shape of three apples entwined in ivy. His hair is a shocking red, his face clean cut and sharply angled. A wry smile plagues his lips often. A concerned furrow on his brow just as much. His accent places him as a man of the Moonshae Isles, though little else about him is readily available on observance.


What is known of Piarro Kilkarren has been gleaned from questionable historical record. By his own word, he seeks to create an order which governs the actions of adventurers and heroes. Those powerful enough to find themselves commonly enlisted under the name of one crown or the other, slaying one abomination and then the next, those whose names have grown more powerful than the common regard for the law. These beings have grown into a force that burns wild and unconstrained. Piarro means to bring them into the fold by whatever means necessary.

The Kilkarren Family was once one of rising influence within the walls of the Caravan City, Scornubel. Along with two other families of some prominence they formed the Evergrown Alliance. For a very short time this new trading alliance appeared highly lucrative. Scornubel had found a new front with which to sell its goods. Such new power does not go unnoticed in the world of copper and coin, however. Soon the grandest merchant family within the city, the Orithils, brought accusations against the new alliance.

What happened next is very much a matter of heresay, but for the purpose of this explanation we will defer to the most reliable source thus encountered: The Master of Pages serving King Deermont.

According to the Master of Pages the Family Orithil accused the Evergrown alliance of trading in slaves, black magiks and illicit substances. According to the Orithils the Evergrown Alliance’s history of trade in simple produce and agricultural goods was a front for something much darker. They reported evidence of such to the High Observer Torm. Tradition respected, they then procured the services of a passing Berserker named Tulthis. Tulthis entered the encampment of the Evergrown Alliance, slaughtered all inside, and was killed in the process.

Until the sudden appearance of the strange letters, all of family Kilkarren was thought to have died in the purging of the Evergrown Alliance. It seems, however, that something survived.

Piarro Kilkarren

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